Monday, 17 April 2017

Sightings at Hickling Broad (17th April 2017)

It was our first visit to Hickling Broad and it easily met our expectations. The management of the reserve is exceptional and I can now see why it enjoys such an excellent reputation.

The approach to Cadbury Hide.

The weather was slightly warmer than expected, forecasts predicted temperatures of around 8°C, but the large amount of cloud cover did cause temperatures to drop sporadically.

The following was seen since our arrival at 9.10am:

Blackcap x 1
Chiffchaff x 3 - One individual was seen building a nest alongside the path near Deary's Pool.
Little Egret x 2
Snipe x 1 - It appeared momentarily, directly opposite the Cadbury Hide, but then disappeared from view.
Willow Warbler x 1 - Several were heard throughout the morning but the only individual seen was close to the Cadbury Hide.
Bearded Tit x 1 - A single male seen briefly flying above the reeds, on the right hand side, as we walked away from Secker's Hide.
Scaup x 3 - A single male accompanied by two females, seen from the first view point.
Great Crested Grebe x 4
Grey Heron x 1
Sedge Warbler x 2 - The two individuals were both seen close to the Observation Hut.

One of the Sedge Warblers seen close to the Observation Hut.

Wren x 2
Kestrel x 1 - It was first seen hovering close to the Observation Hut, then directly opposite the Cadbury Hide in the early afternoon.
Crane x 5 - They were all seen flying towards Bygrave's Marsh, but then headed in a north easterly direction.
Marsh Harrier x 1
Pied Wagtail x 2

The following butterflies were seen during our visit, but no sign of the Swallowtail (unfortunately):

Speckled Wood x 2
Small White x 4
Holy Blue x 1

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